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Accepted universally at truck stops nationwide!
HOTSHOT 107 Fuel Card is accepted universally at truck stops nationwide thru our affiliation with WEX, EFS, and Transconnect.
Enjoy a cost-plus model at 1,000 locations nationwide
Enjoy a “Cost-Plus” discount model at more than 1,000 locations nationwide!
Tire, repair, and service discounts at TA locations!
Enjoy discounts at all TA truck service centers and a 15% discount on oil changes and preventative maintenance at over 2,000 locations nationwide!
Universally Accepted Nationwide

Exclusive Mobile App!

HOTSHOT 107 Fuel Card, thru our Partnership with TransConnect , utilizes an exclusive Mobil App to manage Cards, Checks, and Access to a Fuel Finder Interface to locate nearby In Network Fuel Centers

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Tire, Repair, and Service Discounts

HOTSHOT 107 Fuel Card offers discounts at all TA Truck Service Centers. We’ve also have arranged a 15% discount for HOTSHOT trucks on oil changes and preventative maintenance at over 2,000 Jiffy Lube locations nationwide!

Responsive Customer Service!

Our Fuel Card has the benefit of 24/7 Customer Service through our partnership with TransConnect , and HOTSHOT 107 also offers around the clock service through our Dispatch Center in Zanesville, Ohio!

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HOTSHOT 107 Fuel Card users (thru our partnership with TransConnect ) can save an average of 49 cents per gallon with NO TRANSACTION FEES on fuel purchases at in network discount locations nationwide!

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